London Bound!

So, life has a funny way of working out. Back in December I was stressed with finishing the semester and just focused on taking a winter break in London with side trips to Oxford and Cardiff. While there I tried to ignore the fact that my future was uncertain and that I still had my thesis to finish.

Well, fast forward a few months and I had finished that thesis (passed with only minor revisions, whoo hoo!), had been accepted to ASU's PhD program in Rhetoric, Composition, and Applied Linguistics, and been granted a Teaching Assistantship. To say I was relieved and happy is a serious understatement. After the past few years of feeling like I was spinning my wheels a little bit it feels so good to be taking a giant step forward. Just a little bit later I found out that my thesis had been accepted as an essay selection for a new book on Bond Girls/James Bond. I'm going to be published!!!!

As a reward for all my hard work of late I decided to be a bit impulsive, and some might say reckless, and I booked a ticket to spend three weeks in London. I'll be staying with my dear friend Alicia and spoiling her new baby Alex as much as possible. I'm off to a good start on that, the bottom 3" layer of my suitcase is lined with baby clothes.

I'm so excited for three weeks of honest vacation. The first part of this summer has been so busy with teaching summer school and designing costumes for The Drowsy Chaperone. And August will be spend in TA training. So this is my only real vacation for the year and I'm taking full advantage! :) My last two trips were in the winter. The last time I was in London during the summer was in 1990, so I barely remember it. I'm looking forward to visiting the parks and gardens and, from the look of my weather app on my phone, some sunny days! I'm also excited to leave behind the 110+* days here in Phoenix. I know it will be miserable still when I get back but for now I'm leaving it behind and blocking it from my mind.

I'm going to try to limit my time online during this trip. The last two times I noticed I spent way too much time on Facebook. But I will try to keep an updated account of the trip here on the blog and try to make my online time productive. It might take me a couple days for the next post, I leave tonight, but land tomorrow afternoon and that first night in London can be a bit exhausting. But if you want to keep tabs on a Phoenix girl, having a ball in London, follow the blog or "like" Research and Ramblings' Facebook page here. You can also follow on Twitter.

For now, I'll leave you with this picture from my January trip. One of my favorite views of Big Ben and Parliament, from the top of the London Eye. Talk to you all again when I'm across the pond!

Big Ben and Parliament from the London Eye. (Copyright Andrea Severson)


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