London Blog Pt. 13 - "A lovely day for a birthday picnic"

Today was a relatively relaxing and quiet day. Which you need sometimes during a long vacation like this. In a city like London it's easy to let yourself go, go, GO! all the time. But since I have to pretty much hit the ground running when I land back in Phoenix I'm trying to factor in as much relaxation as I can here in London. So, today was perfect.

After we were all ready and out of the flat we headed to the Tube to go out to Fulham. We decided to catch the Tube from Blackfriars Station since it had a lift for the stroller, so we enjoyed a nice walk over there, even if it was a bit muggy this morning.

We got off at Fulham Broadway and stopped at Sainsbury's for some stuff for the picnic and then went to meet Alicia's friends Christian and Sara in the park by their house where they were hosting a birthday picnic for their darling daughter Lizzie who's turning 1 year old. Alex had a blast seeing is friend and all the adults had fun too. I'm really started to love this whole "picnic" thing. :) It's nice to spend an afternoon just sitting outside in the shade, munching on good food and chatting with friends.

We stayed there for a few hours and then headed home. Once back at the flat I went back out for a short walk, just around Spitalfields and back. And I can't deny stopping at Patisserie Valerie for some take away desserts because I already posted the photographic evidence. :)

Once we had put Alex to bed and had our dinner, Alicia and I enjoyed our sweet treats while watching Sherlock on my computer. Like I said at the start, a nice, relaxing day.

There aren't a whole lot of photos, since I was too busy relaxing, but here's a few from the day:
Walking to Blackfriars we passed this building site that has also been an archaeological dig.

At the park. This is at the beginning. It filled up by the afternoon.

I loved all the old homes that lined the park.

Birthday cake and bubbly. Plus my Fanta. :)

Leaving the park, you can see there's still a bunch of people out enjoying the weather.

I loved this house on the end with its red door. 

More cool houses.

From later in the day, walking into Spitalfields Market. It was end of the day, so everyone was packing up. I still need to go back when everything is open.

The incredible treats at Patisserie Valerie.

Chocolatey awesomeness.


  1. You should buy that house at the end with the red door!

    1. Hannah, there are a million houses I would buy here! But yes. It was really cute and Fulham is a really nice outer area.


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