London Blog Pt. 10 - "A simple day"

Today we didn't really do much. And that was perfect. :)

A slow and easy morning with chocolate croissants from Caffe Nero downstairs for breakfast. Then a short Tube ride to Oxford Street to go to John Lewis (a big department store, probably comparable to Nordstrom).

Oxford Street.

I went a little crazy in the baby section, picking out gifts for my niece and niece-on-the-way in Michigan and then we looked around the furniture section just to get ideas for the flat Alicia and her family might be moving into. I'm not going to lie, I was totally furnishing my imaginary London flat in my mind while walking through there. And after looking through their lawn and garden section I now want one of these back home in the meantime. 

Garden Offices by Crown Pavillions I want one so bad! 

Anyway, after we were done looking at furniture, Alicia and her mom headed home with Alex and I stayed to do a bit of shopping in the women's section of the store. I tried on some stuff but didn't get anything. The one dress I liked had a stain on the back hem. :( But there's a stand alone store for the label of the dress so I might pop in there to see if they have it left in stock.
I loved this Ted Baker skirt!

I headed back to the flat to meet up with the girls for lunch and we walked over to the Barbican Centre to Pizza Express (I seriously love that restaurant!). It was a nice walk there and back. Once home I decided to go for a short walk and did a little more shopping and then made it back for dinner. 

Lunch at Pizza Express. Yum!

A friend of Alicia's joined us for dinner and it was fun meeting another one of her friends over here. We ate, we drank, we chatted, we laughed, we had an awesome time. And then we crashed asleep, late into the night. 

Like I said, a simple day, but super fun. :)


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