London Blog Pt. 8 - "Trying not to lose our heads at the Tower"

Ok, a day late but here it is, part 8 (really? has it been 8 days already?!)

So, yesterday, let me think back (today has been long and hot, but I'll get to that later). Yesterday we went to the Tower of London. It was one of the hottest days so far on this trip, actually, it was probably the hottest day. But fun was still had. But rather than tell the story here, I'll tell it through the pictures and captions below.


Arriving at the Tower via Trinity Gardens.

Cool statues of lions out front. There are similar statues of other animals throughout the grounds. Among it's many users over the centuries the Tower of London at one point featured a zoo.

Around town you'll find initials on various gates, walls, lamp posts, etc, etc of various monarchs. These are for George VI.
View of the Shard from the entrance.

Inside the main entrance.

After more than 20 years since my last opportunity I finally saw the Crown Jewels. Let me tell you, they were totally worth it.

One of the Beefeaters, patrolling the grounds.

Actors dressed for the period enacting parts of the Tower's history.

Our tour guide, who was also the Raven Master. He was totally awesome and you can follow him on Twitter! Learn all about the Tower Ravens, follow him @ravenmaster1

Traitor's Gate.

One of the Tower ravens (in the very middle of the picture).

Leaving the Tower and walking back through Trinity Gardens.

Navy memorial.

Inside the Natural Kitchen. Such a great place.

After a long hot afternoon walking around the Tower we stopped for a cold drink. I don't usually drink but I can say that I drank that whole bottle of cider.


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