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Preparing for Academic Conferences: Tips for New Grad Students

As I’m getting ready to fly to London to present a paper at a conference I thought it might be helpful to share my advice and tips for how I prepare for a conference. I don’t have a ton of conference experience, so some of this will probably be pretty basic if you’ve already attended a lot of conferences, but if you’re new to grad school and are facing your first conference I hope some of the tips below will make you feel a little less intimidated. I’ve also done a corresponding video on this topic on my YouTube channel if you want to check that out as well.
1. Apply for everything, as many conferences as you can afford
Attending conferences can be really expensive, even if you live in or near a major city/university. Between conference tickets, membership fees, travel costs, and other miscellaneous expenses, conferences can add up quickly. But ideally, grad students are expected to attend at least one major national/international conference a year. This is probably my biggest regret …

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