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6 Tips for Staying Motivated

Grad school can feel like one never-ending slog of research, writing, and teaching responsibilities. Right now we’re in the midst of back to school season where we’re (usually) excited for the new year and hopefully feeling a little recharged. But that doesn’t last forever. Sorry lol. 
Over the years of two masters degrees and a PhD I learned a thing or two about getting myself motivated to work and staying motivated. So this post will share my top tricks related to motivation. It’s not easy and it takes practice and commitment to keep working on these tips. So here we go…
1. Take breaks and practice self-care
Ok, I know. My first tip is telling to not work. Ironic but true. Burn a candle at both ends, and the candle will burn out twice as fast. So give yourself a break. It’s hard to stay motivated when you try to work nonstop. People will say grad school is a marathon, not a sprint. But actually, I like to compare it more to climbing an extreme mountain, think Everest or K2. It takes ti…

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