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Notes from the Dissertation Desk #1

I’m going to start a new series on this blog sharing my journey through the dissertation writing/revising/defending process. Partly to have it as a reminder/diary of this journey but also partly because I’m realizing this is such a crazy, daunting, intimidating process and the more of us who share our experiences the more it might help future dissertators. (I think I made that word up, or spellcheck just doesn’t recognize it lol.)

I passed my colloquy at the end April, just before the semester ended (just in time!) and then gave myself the month of May to do some additional reading to fill in the gaps of my lit review in my prospectus. During the colloquy we (my committee and I) made some changes to the project. We dropped a category of women (no more cinematic fashion icons) and also really questioned the inclusion of memory studies to the project. We started to realize I wasn’t really looking at memory specifically, it was more of a related aspect but not a focus. So I did a bit of e…

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