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6 Things NOT to Do When You Start a Bullet Journal

You have decided (or are on the verge of deciding) to start a bullet journal. Yay! They’re so much fun and I personally have been absolutely in love with the bullet journal system. I’ve been using mine for nearly a year now and am on to my second journal. I’ve done a few videos on my bullet journal experience, and any time I do, or any time I post a picture of my journal on Instagram I always get comments from people saying they want to start a bullet journal but they’re afraid/don’t know where to start/worried they’ll screw it up/aren’t “creative” enough.
A quick scan of all the massive amount of videos on YouTube or pictures on Instagram when you search “bullet journals” can leave you feeling seriously overwhelmed about starting a bullet journal. I’ve been there. But thankfully I kept going and just started. I watched a lot of videos about how to start a bullet journal but looking back I wish I’d had someone tell me a few key things about what NOT to think about when starting. So her…

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