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10 Tips To Be More Productive…without waking up at 5am

There are a lot of blog posts out there giving productivity tips. Usually one of the first tips I see is “wake up early to get a few extra hours.” Great advice in theory, but if you have a chronic illness (in my case fibromyalgia) that kind of advice usually makes me roll my eyes because it’s clear that they’re not thinking about those of us who literally can’t wake up a few hours earlier. 
I’m lucky if I’m awake before 8am. 5 or 6am isn’t going to happen. I don’t always feel like the most productive person (that could be imposter syndrome speaking) but I have managed to finish two Masters degrees and a PhD so I feel I have definitely learned a thing or two about working efficiently and being productive without burning yourself out or having to sacrifice sleep. 
Bottom line, sleep is important, if you’re tired you’re not going to be productive.
So here are my top 10 tips for being productive, without waking up at 5am and even if you’re struggling with physical or mental health difficulti…

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