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Reminder for Fall Semester 2018...We can do this!

Today's blog post is going to be a little different than they've been lately. I had a different post planned for today but this week has gone by in the blink, as I'm writing this it's Friday afternoon, about 4pm, and I've spent all day finishing my syllabi for my 5 classes I'm teaching (thankfully one syllabus, but two different schedules) as well as revising all my assignments for the course. I started putting things on Blackboard but have given up for today. But a lot of my tasks for the week are now spilling into the weekend and so a new blog post isn't really a top priority. Or at least, the post I had planned, isn't.

I know lately I've being doing a lot of "My top tips for..." type of posts. According to the research on blogging, that's what readers want (and those posts definitely get more hits than rambling posts like this one). But this blog started as an online diary, with bits of my research mixed in. I've documented my jo…

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