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Smart vs. Pretty???

I was scrolling through Instagram and stumbled on a post that included the hashtag #skipbenefitnotclass that led me down a bit of a rabbit hole of people on Instagram upset about a new Benefit cosmetics ad for their concealers using the tag line “skip class, not concealer.”
I think whoever approved this ad skipped one class too many and missed out on learning how to create a dynamic and successful ad campaign. I give this one an F. I can think of a few tag lines that would be pro-education, and I’m hardly a marketing genius. Considering the “school supply” vibes from the design of the packaging, I would think they’d run with that angle. Oh well.
This is the second time a Benefit ad has really irked me. The first was an ad/display for a brow or mascara, I can’t remember, that instead of saying “before/after” with the pics they said, “yuck” and “wow.” I’m sorry, it was laughable but also infuriating. Laughable because their “before” was hardly “yuck,” to be ho…

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