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How an "all or nothing" approach nearly broke me...and what I learned.

I used to be very relaxed and go with the flow about life. I used to think I was pretty lazy, and if it required extra effort it probably wasn’t going to get done. I skated through high school and my undergrad—well, except for math and science classes lol. I was a good student and loved the arts and humanities subjects. I fell in love with drama and theatre in high school and pursued it in my undergrad and graduated with a 3.9 GPA because my final projects during my Bachelors were things like performing a monologue or designing and constructing a mock up for a pattern of a Renaissance gown. Not easy, but not rocket science. Don’t get me wrong, it took time and dedication to earn my Bachelors, and I worked hard for it. But nothing compared to the level of work I’ve done in grad school. 
Switching from a Costume Design MFA to a Media Arts/TV & Film Studies MA degree was a massive culture shock. I’d always felt like I had strong research and writing skills, but being in a program wher…

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