The Postman Brought a Parcel #2

I didn't used to be much of an online shopper.  I love the idea of taking home my purchases the same day.  The problem with online shopping is that I have to wait...and wait...and if the shipping is really slow, wait even longer.  With some stores I'm lucky, like DSW, I basically buy so many shoes there that I've hit the premier level of their rewards program so I can get free 2-day shipping.  Awesome, and dangerous.

With other online stores I'm not so lucky and have to wait longer, unless I want to pay through the nose for expedited shipping, which as a poor graduate student that is a luxury I can't afford.  So whenever possible I try to just go to the store.  Like the Kate Spade bangle I blogged about here, I knew I could get to the mall quicker than it would be shipped so I just waited until the weekend.  But some online sites don't have a physical store that I can go to, in that case I just place my order and impatiently stalk my doorstep until it arrives.

Case in point...ASOS.  I LOVE this site.  I got into it through my friend Elisa (of Comme ci, Comme Ça).  She shops through them a lot and was always posting pictures of the amazing things she was finding.  When I finally checked them out I realized they sell a lot of my favorite UK brands.  Needless to say I was immediately hooked.  I don't order often (the salary of an adjunct instructor paying her own health insurance doesn't go that far) but it's always exciting when I do.  Seriously, just watching the tracking is nearly nail-biting.  I live in Phoenix but apparently my "local" post office is all the way up in New River, go figure!  So packages come in to Phoenix, then get sent up to New River, then (finally!) come down to my house.  They're basically in town for 3 days before finally getting to me.

So in a little bit of show and tell, because shopping is more fun when you share and after all that waiting I just can't resist, here's what the postman delivered.

River Island "Perfume Bottle" necklace.  Super cute and about 2 1/2" large.

River Island stacking rings.  All together they're about 3/4" wide on my finger and when they catch the light very sparkly.  I got the Large because stacking rings usually need to be larger on my finger (my fingers aren't super thick but they're not that slender either) however, the Large is a little big so they fit my index and middle fingers better than my ring finger.  They were only about $14 so I might order another set in Medium.

Warehouse Padlock Shopper.  I am in LOVE with this bag.  Perfect size for my usual handbag items, plus my iPad, a magazine and (if needed) a water bottle.  It's fabulous. 

Here's a closer picture of the brown version (I got the black like in the above pic, sadly I forgot to get a pic off the site when I got the bag and when I went back all they had was the brown).  I adore the padlock detail, including key that unlocks the padlock.  I don't know why that excites me so much, but it does. :)  The material feels like real leather and the bag is so spacious without feeling too big.  It's now the front runner to be the bag I take to London with me this winter.


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    1. Isn't it fabulous!? I love the antique feel. :)

  2. That bag is awesome! It's so classic. I'm glad you got the black. The jewelry is so you :)

  3. I love the black, though the brown is cool too, but I've ordered another brown bag from a different company, hopefully it will come in soon. I love the jewelry. :)


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