2nd Wednesday Kickoff Recap!

So this past Wednesday, September 12th, the Arizona Costume Institute kicked off their 2nd Wednesday Lunch & Lecture series that I talked about last week here.  As one of the Programming Committee members these lunches are my responsibility and we've been working on them all summer, so it was great to finally get them started and the first one was a huge success!  Yippee!

Starting at about 11:15 members and guests began to arrive and we had 80 people in attendance for the lunch, with another 15 or so coming in at noon to sit and listen to the lecture.  It was a fantastic turnout for September, which usually is still pretty quiet.  We were thrilled to see so many lovely people come out!

This month was a little different in that, instead of just planning the lunch and coordinating with speaker, this time I was one of the presenters.  Not used to that!  But it was so much fun.  I was joined by Hannah Hayes over at Heroine Chic and together with Art Research Librarian Lindsey Powers the three of us shared all the wonderful resources available in the Library and on the Vogue Archive (which I blogged about here) and then gave a brief history of the September Issue of Vogue Magazine as seen through the covers over the magazine's history.  After the presentation we all moved into the Library where Lindsey had been kind enough to lay out nearly all of the September Issues in the Library's Special Collection.  It was amazing to see them covering the tables, it was Vogue everywhere you looked!

If you came to the event, thank you so much!  It was so nice to have so many people come out.  But I know not everyone could make it, so for those stuck elsewhere that day the following are some pictures taken at the event plus some of my favorite covers that we featured in the presentation.

The lunch tables before all our lovely guests arrived.  It was fun to be in Singer Hall, normally we're in the Great Hall in the museum with the presentation in Whiteman Hall.  We'll be back to our normal location next month.

The ladies LOVED looking at the Vogues!  These ladies are crowded around the 1950s table.

Very old Vogues!  These ones are from the 1900s and 1910s.
1940s and 1950s

There's some 60s, 70s, and 80s awesomeness happening on this table!

Hannah talking about the issues with Lindsey.

Hannah and I in front of the 1990s-2011 table, there were so many that Lady Gaga got bumped to a separate table! (Her cover issue I mean, not Gaga herself, though that would have been interesting...)

Hannah looking at some of the more recent September Issues.

The 1st "September Issue" September 1st, 1893!  Back then Vogue was published weekly, can you imagine?!

September 1st, 1926, starting in the 1920's Vogue would be published bi-monthly.

September 1st, 1933

September 1st, 1943, I love this cover!  It was interesting to see how Vogue would reflect the war in the 40s.

September 1st, 1958

1992 Featuring Claudia Schiffer

2003 Featuring Nicole Kidman, photo by Annie Leibowitz
Hannah and I in front of a large Vogue cover.  What a fun day!  (And since this is part fashion blog, I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you that my top is Ted Baker, skirt JCPenny, shoes Guess, and you can't see it but I also wore the Kate Spade/Garance Dore bangle that I blogged about here.  Hannah is in a stunning BCBG dress.)


  1. What a great event--I'm jealous I don't live in the area! Thanks too for including all of those Vogue covers--that's a terrific collection.

    1. Thank you! It's a shame you don't live in the area, the museum and the library have great resources. If you're interested in Vogue you should see if a library near you has the online archive.


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