Summer Blog 2014 Pt. 4 - Final Prague Edition

Sorry for the serious lack of blogging. As I mentioned on Instagram I've been feeling a little unwell and haven't been doing much. But starting to feel better, and as you may have seen on Twitter I had an epic night last night seeing Richard Armitage in The Crucible (more on that in a future post, promise). 

So, before I jump back into London blogging I wanted to put up the last of the photos from Prague. It was such an incredible city and I still think about it daily. I had such an amazing time and am so beyond grateful to Hannah and her friend (and now my friend too!) Jessica for taking such great care of me while I was there.

Some of these are from my Canon DSLR and some are from my iPhone, so they're going to be a bit mixed up and in an effort to get this posted as soon as possible I'll leave this post as a mixed up mass of photos and will try to make things clear in the captions.


More cool architecture. 
Delicious street food.

Inside the gothic cathedral in the Prague Castle.

Exterior of the cathedral over the trees as you walk into the castle complex.

Beginning of the changing of the guards at the Prague Castle.

Back inside the cathedral.

I was seriously mesmerized by how beautiful it was.

Really cool relief map of the complex.

Walking around the outside of the cathedral.

More of the architecture within the castle complex.

There was a Christmas store! I was so tempted but all of their ornaments were made out of glass and I was worried they wouldn't survive the trip home.

Me with Prague as the most stunning backdrop. This was after our library tour. I was still giddy.

Delicious blended strawberry ice magic drink. So good.
Sunset over Prague from Hannah's roof. That girl has an awesome view from her flat!

 Seriously, I wanted to move in.

Walking to the local farmers market.

Can we just pause for a minute and think about the gloriousness of fresh bread? All the bread I had in Prague was amazing.

Hannah and Jessica getting ready to buy some amazing strawberries.

Keeping in mind that the Iron Curtain fell in '89 and 90210 became popular in '91/'92 and would have been one of the first bits of American pop culture to be exported I shouldn't have been surprised to find a bar called "Peach Pit" with CA license plates for the show and the characters (you can see the ones for Andrea and David in this shot). I shouldn't have been surprised. But I was. And I laughed. And this is awesome.

One day there was randomly a film crew shooting on Hannah's street. Here is their wardrobe trailer.

Hannah and I next to the Charles Bridge with the castle in the background. 
Inside Shakespeare and Sons. I loved this bookshop.

Using the panoramic feature on my iPhone I managed to get the full rainbow. It was a pretty cool way to end dinner.

Awesome tower made of books in the Prague library.

It looks like it extends forever in both directions thanks to some clever placement of mirrors a few feet above and below the openings to look in. If you stuck your head all the way through the opening you'd see your reflection not that far below you.

Going down into the metro.

Another exterior shot of the Cathedral.

Loved these Harry Potter covers.

From dinner on my last night at the rooftop terrace of the U Prince hotel.

Two of the best girls you could have show you around Prague. Hannah (left) and Jessica (right) took very good care of me during my trip and I'm forever grateful.

Panoramic daytime shop from the roof of Hannah's flat.

More cool Prague architecture.

Inside of another church. I can't remember which one.

Hannah told me who this was, I've forgotten. I'm a bad tourist sometimes. Especially when it's my second to last night and I'm trying to see and do everything.

Detail on the underside of the archway when you walk on to the Charles Bridge.

The Charles Bridge has so many amazing sculptures on it. I'm only uploading a couple though.

Street performer on the Charles Bridge.

I seriously wanted to buy them all.

I can't remember which embassy this is, we passed a few of them.

The John Lennon wall. It was pretty cool.

Locks on one of the smaller bridges.

Random wedding photo session.

Exterior of Shakespeare and Son.

Tiny alleyway, including a walk sign.

Looking back at the Charles Bridge.

Enjoying the day. And the fact that I could wear a coat. In June. And not die. (I seriously need to move to Europe, I almost don't care where, just get me out of Arizona.)

Passing back by the Astronomical Clock.

This door is perfect Hannah size. And just barely my size too. :)

View from our restaurant on my second to last night.

Another shot of the rainbow.

About to go into the European Space Expo. Because why not?

It was actually pretty cool inside with lots of interactive stuff you could play with.

Here's Hannah and Jessica and their friend Christina playing with one of the computer stations.

This shows you how tall the book column is.

And here you can see the reflection of my camera in the mirror.

One last trip for gelato. I will miss the mint gelato very much.

More cool architecture. Clearly I have a think for the buildings around Prague.
On the plane, London bound again. Goodbye Prague and the Czech Republic!
Overall it was such an amazing trip. I didn't know what to expect. Prague is such an incredible city, with such as fascinating history, same thing on a larger level with the country of the Czech Republic. It was an interesting experience and one I will never forget. I don't know when I'll make it back but I know it will happen eventually. Prague left a mark in my mind that will never be erased and I know there is much there still to be explored. Nine days was not nearly enough. 

A huge thank you to my amazing hostess, Hannah, for opening up her home to me. For making me feel so welcome and for sharing such an amazing city with me. Another huge thank you to Jessica, who didn't know me before I arrived but became a friend by the time I left. I owe both of you girls so much for taking such good care of me and making me feel so totally welcome.

So now this blog says farewell to Prague and in my next post we'll jump back across the Channel to UK with posts on the Tower Bridge Experience, a day trip to Bath, and a night with Richard Armitage. Plus whatever else I get up to in the next week before heading out to Oxford. More soon!


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