Summer 2014 Blog Pt. 2 - Prague Edition

[Edit: This was written a couple days ago but I've been having difficulties getting photos to load in the proper order, as well as to upload in general. Not sure if it's my computer or my internet connection. I will try to get another post up tomorrow or the day after to make up for the lack, and will probably post at least one "Prague blog" when I get back to London.] 

Hello friends!

As many of you have seen from my Instagram, I'm in Prague! And it's amazing. I'm having a fabulous time staying with my friend Hannah of Heroine Chic and she's been showing me around this incredible town that has been her home for the past few months. We've done so much sightseeing and I've met a bunch of her friends (who are all so wonderful) and, not going to lie because Instagram has the evidence, I've been doing a lot of shopping. But with so many good deals it's hard not to shop! I'll probably do a separate post of the results of all of my shopping expeditions once I get back to London if that's something that would interest any of you.

First impressions of Prague started on the airplane. From the air the city looks beautiful with the Vltava River winding through it. I flew in during the late afternoon so the sun was casting a beautiful light on the city. Hannah picked me up at the airport and helped me get back to her flat. The Metro only has three lines so it's much easier to navigate than the Tube back in London. We got to the flat (which is a super cute open plan studio with a loft and lots of windows and natural light, I'm so jealous of this flat you all have no idea) and just rested for the evening. The next day involved a bit of sightseeing, a little bit of shopping, a trip to Tesco, the best (and most simple) dinner of fresh bread from this great bakery we found, with olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, basil, pepper, fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, while we watched Sherlock (Hannah's been getting caught up). So good.

The next day Hannah worked in the morning and when she got back we headed out for some sightseeing. And oh my goodness but did I see some sights. First we headed up the hill to a monastery that had this incredible library (more on that later, we're getting a private tour on Friday). Then we walked around the complex and then down the hill a bit. The views from the monastery are absolutely breathtaking. It's higher up the hill than the castle is so you have views of everything, all of Prague is before you in all it's stunning glory. We walked down the hill a bit and then headed over to the Prague Castle and walked around that for a bit and then kept heading back towards central Prague. We met up with Hannah's friend Jessica for gelato (something that has become a habit in this bit of a heatwave Prague has been having) and then the three of us went to the Theatre Hybernia to listen to the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague to listen to "Hollywood in Prague", complete with Star Wars cosplayers. It was pretty awesome and epic. After the concert we walked down to the Charles Bridge and walked across at dusk. It was so beautiful, it's hard to describe. On the walk back we passed a couple that was trying to take a picture of themselves and when Jessica offered to help we discovered they were an American couple from Tulsa. We chatted with them for a bit, they were so kind and sweet. We had fun talking with them. 

On my second full day Hannah had to work all day so her friend Jessica took me out shopping. We had a great time and I found a bunch of great stuff. I feel like I'm spending so much money but with the exchange rate I'm really not. Jessica and I stopped for gelato (yes, again) and met up with another friend who was waiting there for us. After a bit more shopping we headed back to the flats and I rested and then in the evening we all met up for dinner and then gelato (yes, really, again, I think I have a problem). We walked through Old Town and listened to some street musicians, and then headed to a park. All in all, a lovely day.

Today we've been taking it easy. Hannah had to work and I'm nursing an angry knee. It has not been enjoying all the walking we've been doing. I've also managed to get a blister on each foot. Joy. I'm trying to take it easy and rest/ice my knee when I can but I'm also still going out. Because Prague. Of course.

We have some exciting things planned for the rest of the week, and it looks like the weather is supposed to cool off later tonight and into tomorrow (90 degrees and full sun have just been a bit warm). I will post again with more pics soon but in the meantime, here are some of the photos I've taken in the past few days.

Enjoy. :)

Namesti Miru, the name of the square where this beautiful church is, also the name of the metro stop in Hannah's neighborhood. Absolutely love this area! So pretty.

Can I have the top two floors of the one on the left please? :)

In love with all the rooftops. 

Close-up of the cathedral at the Prague Castle (more pics of this to come).

Another church exterior inside the Prague Castle complex.

Back down near the center of town.

Tower gate connected to these "newer"  buildings. The architecture in this town is seriously off the charts amazing! 

Pretty much in central Prague, ready to do so much shopping!

Seriously the best fresh squeezed orange juice from this great gourmet grocery store, Julius Meinl. A bit pricey for o.j. but so worth it.

It's always a good time for gelato.

And this gelato is seriously the best ever. From a distance it looks like it's mint chocolate chip, but if you look closely the dark flecks aren't chocolate, they're actually fresh mint leaves that have been finely chopped and mixed in. I died and went to gelato heaven!

Loved these marionettes. 

This great little market has some really cool souvenirs and delicious food, candy, and fresh fruit and vegetables.

So, Prague has a ton of graffiti. It's almost everywhere you look, some of it is really interesting.

The weather has been pretty nice (a little warm my first few days and then gorgeous yesterday and today) so these outdoor cafes have been everywhere.

The Astronomical Clock.

Prague Castle from across the Vltava River.

Hannah, my friend and fabulous hostess.

About to enter the Strahov Monastery complex.

In addition to being a working monastery they also have a brewery on the complex and use the profits of the restaurant to help with restoration and property costs.

Another restaurant behind the monastery with incredible views of Prague.

The vineyard behind the monastery.

The monastery is slightly further up the hill from the castle so it has really great views of the cathedral at the castle.

It was a warm day but still so much fun. And so far I've managed not to get sunburned.

Wouldn't mind living up here either. :)

Looking through the vineyard up to the back of the monastery.

Beautiful flowers.

Love the patio on the top floor.

I miss European bakeries. Like, seriously.

We couldn't resist getting a cookie each. I unfortunately couldn't resist taking a bite before taking a picture. :)

Walking in to the Prague Castle complex.

Castle guards.
Hannah figuring out where we go next. This is all still inside the castle complex, which is huge. It's also where the current Czech president lives and all the government business is conducted.

Have I mentioned the architecture yet? I was dying, so beautiful.

Pictures of the interior are coming, I promise. 
The store with the fabulous orange juice. As well as fabulous everything else. Their bakery is to die for and the chocolate truffles were divine. And I kind of wanted to buy out their tea section. Just saying.
The speck at the top is the moon. This is from the Charles Bridge, which has to be one of the most beautiful and most romantic places I've every been. I definitely recommend going there at sunset, so stunning!

It was getting dark so my camera was having difficulties (because I still don't know how to properly use it, my camera is smarter than I am). But it was a beautiful evening. 
Alright, that's it for now, but I promise there is so much more to come as soon as I can get things uploaded. Hannah and I have had some pretty amazing adventures the last couple of days. Stay tuned!

Love from Prague!


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