The absent blogger...

Hello all!

So I've been a little absent since before the holidays, what I have been up to?

- Applying to 7 PhD programs
- Christmas
- London/Cardiff/Oxford for two weeks
- Sick with the plague (or a bad sinus infection but same thing right?)
- Finishing the first draft of my thesis
- Starting a new semester of teaching
- Mentoring three student designers on 5 one act plays
- Busy, busy, busy

You get the idea. But I'm going to try to catch up. There's a ton to share and fill everyone in on and a bunch of posts I've been meaning to write that I'm going to try to get up on here (better late than never right?). Especially my UK trip, from the museum exhibitions I attended to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, Wales there was tons of nerdy awesomeness happening.

So, stick with me as I claw my way to the top of this mountain I've been climbing.


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