Digital Print on at the Phoenix Art Museum!

Hello everyone!

Ok, so in an effort not to get super backed up on the blog like I've been, I'm not going to bed tonight (as tired as I am) until I share all the fashionable awesomeness I witnessed tonight.

What did I to tonight you ask?

Well. I was fortunate enough to go to the opening reception for the new fashion exhibition at the Phoenix Art Museum, Digital Print Fashion, on now until July 14th. This is a show not to be missed and features "over 40 works by contemporary designers including Mary Katrantzou, Alexander McQueen, Ralph Rucci and Issey Miyake among others incorporate digitally printed textiles in their designs." For more information on the show and how to visit the museum check out the exhibition's page here and the museum's website here.

For those of you who don't live in the area, or those who are unable to make it to the museum until later, here's some, ok several, alright a ton of pictures I took tonight! I couldn't help myself. And you won't either. Unlike past exhibitions, non flash photography will be allowed throughout the run of the exhibition (yippee!). And when you go, be sure to tweet and/or instagram your photos and use the hashtag #digitalprintfashion, specially created to track all the social media fun surrounding this exhibition. 

P.S. - It's a bit of a miracle these are getting posted tonight, so you'll have to forgive the fact that there won't be many captions and I don't have details on who each dress is attributed to as I'm going off of memory. You'll just have to go see the show yourself. ;)

And now, for your viewing enjoyment... 

The party happening downstairs.

The ultimate catwalk!


More McQueen. Can you ever have too much McQueen? I think not.

I'm pretty sure these are both Ralph Rucci, I know for sure the black and yellow one is. 

At the other end, looking back down the middle of the catwalk between the mannequins. 

Jeremy Scott

Ralph Rucci, based on a print of a painting of his.

Monique L'Huillier, Spring 2013

Gown by Don O'Neil for THEIA, spring 2010, design for Carrie Underwood for the Country Music Awards.

A very fashionable guest! Loving the dress, the shoes, and the clutch.

Also loving these shoes with the McQueen dress!

This one is extra impressive because of the way they did the near impossible by matching the pattern of the jersey knit top with the pattern of the chiffon bottom. Can you believe it?!

Kelly Ellman wearing Jeremy Scott (I die for this dress!)

Me posing in front of some of my favorite pieces. Wearing my London telephone booth print top as my contribution to the show tonight. :)

Front and back, the detail on ALL of these dresses is to die for!

Kelly Ellman and curator, Dennita Sewell chatting in the gallery.

This is part of a different show, but when you come to visit the museum, make sure you look up at this incredible butterfly installment that has taken over the main entryway as part of the Oder, Chaos and the Space Between exhibition in the Steele Gallery.

I so want to replicate at least a small version of this in my home. Butterfly making party anyone?


  1. OH MY GOD! I love the prints, so amazing. You can get silver butterflies at Target, that's where I got the ones over our bed :)
    I wish I could post a photo here, I'll post it on your FB instead of the Peter Pilotto dress the girl you posted is wearing. I love that dress!
    This show is beautiful! I wish I could've been there!

  2. I really wish you were here, you'd love this show. Even though I've posted a ton of photos they don't do the show justice, you really do have to see it in person to get the full effect!


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