Quick Note: Happy Halloween!

I'm so backed up on the things I need to share with you all, but alas, life is insane right now (still).  But it's Halloween and I thought I'd drop a note to wish you all a safe and Happy Halloween, I hope everyone is having fun.

How am I spending Halloween?

Sitting in my driveway, passing out candy to trick-or-treaters while working on PhD application materials and my thesis on my laptop with the film score to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (the Johnny Depp version) playing on my computer for ambiance.  I just got called out on my multitasking by a teenage trick-or-treater but if anyone asks, my costume is "stressed out and emotionally unstable grad student" so don't mess with me. :)

In reality I wish this was my costume:

Halloween set on my Polyvore profile

Sadly, it is not and I have nowhere that exciting to go to this year.  Oh well, there's always next year, which depending on how my PhD applications go, I could be just about anywhere this time next year!

Happy Halloween everyone!


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