Fall fashion obsession #1 . . . Oxfords

Oxfords as in the shoe style, not the town in England.  Though I'm definitely obsessed with Oxford the town as well. :)

There's something about this style of shoe that appeals to me.  Whether flat, low, wedge, or high heel, I can't help wanting to buy every pair I see.  There are definitely more than a few pinned to my "My Style" board on Pinterest.  I love that there's something practical and intelligent about them, while still seeming quirky and alternative.

Originally a men's style of shoe, initially from Ireland and Scotland, where they were also known as Balmorals after the royal residence in Scotland.  However, since they were a favored shoe of college students in the 19th century, the soon became known predominantly as "Oxfords," though they are also still sometimes called "brogues."

I think it's partly the academic history and partly the twist on men's fashion that makes this style of shoe so attractive.  Being typically a closed-toe shoe, it's not a style I can wear much in the summer, though I have found a couple pairs that I can wear in warmer weather.  Still, there's something about the Oxford that screams, "back to school!" and "it's fall!"  Yippee!!  If you saw my post on Fall Fashion you'll remember that shoes were one way I get around changing my wardrobe to reflect the new season, without dying from the never ending summer heat.  Oxfords are a great style of shoe for doing this, they are definitely an fall/winter style (with a few exceptions).

So, since I can't help sharing my obsessions, here are some of the pairs from my collection that I use to help me transition from summer to fall and winter.  Most were purchased at DSW or on DSW.com (where I get nearly all my shoes!).

Not Rated


Not Rated

Not Rated

Mossimo from Target (I've had them for years!)

Crown Vintage (I love this pair, I wear them all the time during the fall and they're great for running around ASU campus between Noble Science Library, Hayden Library, and the Union.)


Ted Baker
And here are some that are on my dream/wish list.


Chiemihari (discovered on Pinterest)

Christian Dior

Seychelles (sadly they are sold out of my size in this color)
Ted Baker on ASOS

And of course I dream of one day wearing one of these pairs while wearing something like this:

And while walking around here:

Oxford, as seen from the top of St. Mary's Church

(Photo credits: 1-4, 6, 7 DSW.com, 5 Target, 8-9 DSW.com, 10-13 Pinterest, 14 ASOS, 15 Polyvore, 16 my own)


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