Rambling: My Zatchels Satchel

Last semester, while doing a seminar paper on fashion blogs (I really do need to post that on here, or at least an excerpt) I found this great fashion blog run by two women living in Glasgow, Scotland, called Kingdom of Style. Check them out here. While reading through there blog I stumbled upon this great site to order custom made satchels. Well, actually two sites, each of the blog mistresses had their favorite. Queen Michelle posted about the Cambridge Satchel Company (see here) and Queen Marie favored Zatchels (see here).

After looking at both sites I decided to go with Zatchels and ordered my very own, beautiful red leather satchel. What's so great about a Zatchels satchel you may ask? Well, let me tell you!

Each bag is handmade, per order, in the UK. You decide what color you want, what size, whether you want to add a handle or not, and within about 30 days (mine took only about 10) a pretty, shiny leather bag arrives at your door. Well, unless you order one of the distressed leather bags, then it probably won't be that shiny, but nice and crackly instead. :) They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and every color, finish, and print you can imagine. The combinations are endless!

These are not bags to order on a whim, the 16" size satchel like I ordered will set you back about $150 USD (including the extra for the handle, plus shipping). I waited months to order mine since discovering them back in October. But for a custom made leather bag, shipped from the UK, that will last me practically forever, this is just the thing to make me feel a little happier about going to school each week.

Each satchel is shipped in a custom sized box and has it's own dust cover to store it in when you're not using it. I ordered mine in red and just looking at it makes me happy. :)

You also get a certificate of authenticity detailing when it was made and by whom and a bag number. I'm so giddy over my satchel I might just frame this! Ok, not really, but still, I'm in love.

I used it today for the first time to teach class and it fits my class files and 13" MacBook Pro nicely, with enough room on the side to fit my charger. On ASU days it will fit my iPad and text books just fine with room for a water bottle.

As Queen Marie said, this bag will, "make going anywhere, feel more fun, even school!!!!!" I agree. :)


  1. LOVE!! That's so cool! Almost like Hermes... custom made.

  2. I'm in love with it. Not just the bag but the whole site. They have so many amazing options.

  3. It is nice! I'm glad you are enjoying it.


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