Rambling: Grading at Starbucks

So, I've fallen seriously behind on grading my student's papers, primarily because I'm too busy writing my own for my classes at ASU. I made a good dent during class while my students watched Citizen Kane (I've seen it 3 times, I didn't need to pay attention for a fourth). But today I made it a point, after teaching my Saturday morning class, to come to Starbucks and finish grading.

When I sat down I noticed something about my cup, it was smiling at me!

This made me ridiculously happy. Seriously, I'll take a smile wherever I can get one at this point.

Then, to make things even better I noticed the heading of one student's paper and my day got even brighter.

It should be noted that I'm not actually a professor. I'm not even in a doctorate program yet, let alone a full PhD. But I love that this student would print this, they know how to get extra points. :) Seriously though, it's little things like this that remind me why I'm doing all the hard work I'm doing. Because if I stay on this path, one day "Prof. Severson" will be a reality.


  1. So cute!
    You will def be Professor Severson someday :)

  2. That's sooo fun! smiling cups and reminding you what your future awaits. :)

  3. It definitely brightened my afternoon. :)


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