My Top 3 Favorite Podcasts

Lately I’ve started getting into this whole podcast thing. I’ve listened to podcasts off and on over the last few years. There’s been a few that I’ve enjoyed but never really got into a regular habit of listening to them. Mainly because I’m not the type of person that can listen to them in the background. I usually prefer music when I drive, and when doing any other task it can be hard to focus on the podcast and I end up missing things, so I just don’t typically listen to podcasts. But lately there’ve been 3 podcasts that I actually make an effort to sit down and listen to. So I thought I’d share those with you all, just in case you might be looking for a new podcast to listen to. In no particular order, here are my current faves…

1. Phototalk with Stylonylon by Julia Rebaudo

I’ve been a fan of the blog Stylonylon for awhile now. I adore Julia and her content is always fantastic. I eventually started following her on Twitter and Instagram. So when I heard she was doing a podcast all about photography, particularly using the Olympus Pen, I was all over that. I had purchased the Olympus Pen E-PL7 back in September and a couple of Julia’s blog posts had been incredibly helpful with learning how to use it, so I was hoping to pick up some more tips from the podcast. I have, and so much more. I’ve been learning a lot about lenses, lighting, general photography tips, Instagram, etc. Julia has a totally chill personality that makes her fun and engaging to listen to, and she really knows what she’s talking about. If you want to learn more about photography and using your camera (whether you have an Olympus or not), I highly recommend subscribing. Her chats with occasional guest Jay McLaughlin are always insightful and fun to listen to. I’m constantly jotting down notes of things to try and lenses to look up and it’s really been encouraging me to play with my Olympus Pen. I’d recommend this podcast whether you’re a professional creative or just interested in photography as a hobby.

Find Julia:
Twitter - @juliarebaudo
Instagram - @stylonylon

2. Hashtag Authentic: A Podcast for Creatives by Sara Tasker

Sara is brilliant. Her Instagram always makes me wish (even more than I already do) that I lived in England. Scrolling through her feed is like taking a vacation that feels miles away from the Arizona desert. When I discovered her podcast I fell immediately in love. Each episode is fascinating and I learn so much. While it’s geared towards online creatives, a lot of the topics and advice I’ve gained has equally applied to my experiences as a grad student, so I would recommend having a listen even if you’re not a part of a creative industry. I tend to take almost a full page of notes for every podcast I listen to (which is why I never listen to it when I’m driving lol, I can’t write!). Sara really knows Instagram, the first podcast episode was about bots and follow/unfollow and was mind-blowing. Like, I should have known about all that already, but I didn’t, but once I did, I was seeing it happening to me constantly (and also made me feel a lot less guilty about ignoring bot accounts once I realized that’s what they were). I’ve also found some really great Instagrammers that I hadn’t heard of before and learned some great tips about how to improve my own account. I’m a few episodes behind (I'm also behind with Stylonylon) because I just can’t passively listen. The episodes are always so fascinating I want to make sure I’m listening to every word. 

Find Sara:
Twitter - @meandorla and @theinstachat
Instagram - @me_and_orla

3. At Home With… by Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton

Going in a slightly different direction with this last podcast, but it’s become my newest one to listen to. I’ve been a fan and subscriber of both Lily and Anna’s YouTube channels. I love all their content. So when I saw their videos announcing the podcast I immediately subscribed so I wouldn’t miss the first one. This podcast is much more of a relaxed conversation, so this is one that I actually will listen to in the car (I’m usually too caught up in the conversation with their guest to want to take notes anyway). In fact, their interview with Terry de Gunzberg (founder of cosmetics brand By Terry), got me through a particularly hellish cross valley drive the other week during rush hour. Seriously, normally being stuck on the ramp from the 51 to the 101 has me nearly homicidal, but this time I was too engrossed listening to Terry talk about how Baume de Rose was created. Definitely going to be listening (and relistening) to these interviews when summer school starts and I have to commute to campus three days a week. In each episode you really feel like you’re just hanging out with Lily, Anna, and their guest for the week. It’s totally relaxed and fun and you really wish you actually were there. If you watch their YouTube channels I think you'd be a fan of the podcast, but I think it would also appeal to an audience outside of their YouTube demographics. I think their current plan is to do 10 episodes but I'm desperately hoping they'll do more!

Find Lily and Anna:
Twitter - @lilypebbles and @TheAnnaEdit

Instagram - @lilypebbles and @theannaedit 

Do you listen to any podcasts? What are you favorite ones? Tell me in the comments.



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