Summer Blog Pt. 6 - A Day Trip to Bath, England

So, the first weekend after returning to London from Prague, Alicia and I thought it would be fun to take a girls day trip to Bath. I had never been before but had been wanting to go for a couple years now. Saturday morning arrived and we headed to Paddington Station in time to catch a 9:30am train. The train ride was lovely and in less than two hours we were pulling in to the train station in Bath. We spent the whole day there, visiting the Royal Crescent (familiar to anyone who's seen an film/TV adaptation of just about any Jane Austen novel), the Assembly Rooms, the Bath Fashion Museum (which I will cover in a separate post because this one is already going to have over 100 photos), and the Roman Baths. What follows are my photos from the day with brief bits of commentary thrown in to the captions.


Walking into the city center from the train station.

The Abbey. We didn't have time to tour it but I got to walk around it and take some pictures.

Walking up the hill to see the Royal Crescent.

We passed by the Jane Austen Centre but unfortunately didn't have time to stop there either. I'm definitely going to have to go back though.

The Royal Crescent. I seriously was in love with all of the architecture in Bath!

After seeing it in so many movies it was cool to see it in person.

Had to get my picture in front as well. 

So, the one on the end, No. 1 Royal Crescent has been turned into a museum that shows what a Regency Era home would have looked like on the Royal Crescent.  

On our way to the Assembly Rooms and the Bath Fashion Museum.

Inside the Assembly Rooms.

Not going to lie, I did imagine myself back a couple hundred years, wearing a Regency ball gown, dancing with Captain Wentworth (always more a fan of him than Mr. Darcy, don't hate).

As I said above, I will cover the Fashion Museum in a separate post. I have almost as many pictures from in there as I do from all of the rest of Bath combined. But it's located in the basement of the Assembly Rooms, and if you go there first you can buy a discounted ticket to get into both the Assembly Rooms/Fashion Museum as well as the Roman Baths and skip the line at the Roman Baths.

Back by the Abbey.

Pole dancer. On a platform/pole being driven around by a motorcycle. #random

This park looked absolutely beautiful. Idyllic really.

It was a gorgeous sunny day.

So, we passed by a guy giving a tour as we went by this bit of the river and he was explaining that towards the end of the recent film version of Les Miserables, when Javert jumps into the Seine, it was actually this river he was jumping into. I thought it looked familiar! #morerandom

Pulteney Bridge, crossing the River Avon, it's really cool and has shops and restaurants built on top of it.

On the Pulteney Bridge.

Looking back across the river where we just walked.

Cool park we passed next to the river. More people out enjoying the sun.

This guy was painting the gorgeous scenery. 

The Roman Baths.

It really was so cool. I always forget the ancient Roman history that exists in Britain.

They're not joking. It is EXTREMELY uneven. I nearly rolled my ankle a couple of times and I was in Converse. I don't know how the women in heels managed without snapping an ankle.

The "sparkles" are all the coins that have been tossed into this pool.

Where the water flows into this pool.

Going into the Pump Room.

Water from the hot springs.

The Pump Room. A must stop for any tea/Jane Austen/Regency/history nerd or fan.

Afternoon tea.

I picked up a few of her prints. She's such an amazing artist.

Back at the train station to head back to London. Such a fun day! Hope you enjoyed going along with me through all the pictures. :)


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