Today the postman brought a parcel.

This story begins on Pinterest, my newest time wasting addiction.  If you haven't gotten hooked on it yet, you might want to think twice, but if you're at all into any sort of visual or design field or hobby, you have to start up on there.

While searching through some of the popular pins I stumbled upon a really cute laptop sleeve from the website Modcloth (check them out here).  Designed like an old-fashioned, brown paper wrapped parcel, it looked cute enough to carry tucked under my arm rather than buried in my bag.

When I went to the link for the bag from Pinterest I was saddened to discover it out of stock. However, there was an option to submit your name and email to be contacted once it was back in.  I thought it would take some time for it to be restocked but I submitted my information just the same, and then promptly forgot about it.  Until I got an email a few days later saying it was back!  Joy!  Naturally I quickly went to the site and ordered it.  I was a little worried about the dimensions, based on the measurements it was going to either fit perfectly or be just barely too small.

Well, it arrived today and it fits my 13" Macbook Pro like a glove.  It appeared at first like it would be too small but it stretches over it and fits beautifully, even with my hardshell case snapped on.

And since Modcloth offers free shipping on $50 or more orders I couldn't help ordering a little something extra to tip me over.  Since I have a large and growing collection of rings I thought a little ring holder would be perfect and found a darling little one in the shape of an upside down umbrella.  It's called the "Storm of Sparkles Ring Holder."  Love it!  Here in Phoenix it's the only umbrella I get to use on a daily basis.

Overall I was pretty impressed with this site and would definitely order from them again.  They have a wide range of products.  Clothing, accessories, home accessories, and all with a really fun and quirky style.  Ordering was easy and the free shipping came within the promised amount of time.  There are already several other items I'm looking at and with the holiday season just moments away I'd definitely recommend this site as a place to do some of your holiday shopping, especially for friends who appreciate a little something different.

If you'd like your own parcel laptop sleeve or umbrella ring holder click here and here.  Below are pictures of what the postman brought me today.

I just love getting stuff in the mail!  Especially boxes with fun stuff inside like this.  I also love when companies play with the design of their boxes so that even from the outside you start to get excited, like you just know there's something fun inside.

The twine and crinkle effect are all part of the print, but definitely add to the effect, especially the look of brown wrapping paper.

I'm not sure the secrets of success are contained on my computer but I love the details on the faux stamps.

The designs continue on the back.

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a bit obsessed with the London and the UK, so I'm happy to see London represented in one of the stamps.  (This product is from Disaster Designs, a UK company.)

My "Storm of Sparkles" ring holder.  And ok, I guess I have to admit I'm more than just a "bit" obsessed with the UK, as evidneced by with phone booth tin and the KCaCO card. :)


  1. I LOVE IT! I love your ring holder the most though! That is the coolest idea ever! I'm glad you got a cool laptop case! You're such an anglophile ;)

  2. Anglophile definitely sounds nicer than "obsessed" I'm going with that from now on. :) I love the ring holder too, it's so cute. :)


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